Shri Radhe Maa – Home of my dreams

By Sanjeev Gupta
Rita Purohit’s story: Eight years ago, I was hunting for a flat in South Mumbai with a budget that was not even one-fourth of the going market rate. Not surprisingly the search proved to be fruitless initially. When I shared my problem with Devi Maa, she declared firmly, “I will not only help you get a house of your choice, it will be a house within your budget.”
Once those words were out of Devi Maa’s mouth, things changed for us. The properties we were shown by estate agents after she reassured us had a positive air about them. Her words came to pass; they always do. There are times when she also gives bad news but that too is taken care of if one prays earnestly to her. I can say from my experience and from the experience of others who have surrendered to her that she is a mother who never fails her children. Once a devotee surrenders, he or she becomes her responsibility. 
As spoken to Satish Purohit 
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