Shri Radhe Maa – Outer appearance and inner worth

Shri Radhe Maa – Shobha Yatra
Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa’s outer form is the result of the loving
shringar offered to her by devotees as a mark of their bhakti    

By Sanjeev Gupta 
 Some seekers, skeptics and curious bystanders who see Devi Maa’s Swaroop in public for the first time raise doubts about her divinity. This is particularly true of people who have not had Devi Maa’s Darshan or attended her Chowkis. Some comment on her beauty, others remark on her choice of ornaments, dress and makeup. Devotees except when they are greatly provoked rarely respond to such remarks because they are too busy expressing their gratitude to Devi Maa.
 Some such remarks tend to find their way to social media pages maintained by me as part of my seva.
With the news of Devi Maa’s Shobha Yatra on 31st March in Punjab becoming public, the same old questions are being asked again. One question in particular keeps popping up at regular intervals: How can someone so richly ornamented be holy? After all, such doubters argue, holiness is inclined to simplicity. Wearing saffron is holy, ash-smeared bodies are holy, so are flowing robes. Holy people give discourses. Devi Maa does not appear to subscribe to any of their prejudices and this tends to get them all worked up.
Shri Radhe Maa
While Devi Maa herself honors’ several men and women who wear saffron, smear ash and give discourses, she is herself attired resplendently when she grants darshan. She teaches us to be respectful of all who have offered their lives for God. The least among them, Devi Maa says, is better than us. However, she herself speaks little and blesses through her all-seeing eyes or Drishti.

As for the shringar, it is my sister, wife, mother and other women in my family who offer shringar on most days to Devi Maa. They believe that the act of offering shringar to Devi Maa protects their husbands and families. My sister says that it is strange that people who love to dress, wear ornaments and look beautiful should force their ideas of holiness on Devi Maa. Why, she asks, should Devi Maa, our Ishta, be treated to any less.

We do not like to see Devi Maa in her Sati aspect but as all-giving Annapurna whose mere glance grants all desires. We are blessed to have such a wonderful mother and we like to express it too. It is her deep love for us that ensures that we do not stray from the path of virtue, prosperity and happiness. As devotees, we in turn, express our love and devotion to Devi Maa by offering shringar. This is a spiritual transaction that brings sweet bliss to the devotee.
Only devotees understand this because they are the ones that know how Devi Maa’s grace and the tremendous positivity that surrounds her help them at all times.
I would request all who have questions, queries and doubts to come for Devi Maa’s Darshan because there is no praman (proof) like pratyaksh (manifest) praman. Please give us an opportunity to serve you.
Jai Mata Di.

As spoken to Satish Purohit

For more details on Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa Shobha Yatra at the Devi Talab Mandir on 31 March 2012 and chowkies in Punjab and Haryana call on 9820969020 or log on to   

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One response

  1. My humble view is that Radhe Guru Maa, is a celebration of womanhood and encourages us to be and look our best, so we make the most of all that she has blessed us with. As the embodiment of Shakti, and the Creator She uplifts, blesses and helps us realize (reach) our potential. How can she then be and epitomise anything less than the best in all it’s worldly and/or other forms.
    With my best regards,
    Vibhusana Khosla

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