Shri Radhey Guru Maa – Gyaanamrit – Anger the Worst Enemy

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krodhad bhavati sammohah 
sammohat smrti-vibhramah 
smrti-bhramsad buddhi-naso 
buddhi-nasat pranasyati
From anger, complete delusion arises, and from delusion bewilderment of memory. When memory is bewildered, intelligence is lost, and when intelligence is lost one falls down again into the material pool.  
– Bhagvad Gita 
Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa considers anger as the worse of enemies. This is so because it defeats one who harbours it in his heart. An angry man does not need enemies because he is the worse of enemies that anyone can have. In the lines above excerpted from the Bhagvad Gita,Lord Krishna, the master psychologist explains why anger should be defeated before one fights the battle of life. An angry person cannot read a situation correctly. He acts on basis of his twisted perception which takes his deeper into confusion. This makes one remember only things that are useful to win the argument and not the complete picture. How can such a man make intelligent decisions.The defeat of such a person is inevitable. 


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