Shri Radhe Maa – Doing business in Australia

By Sanjeev Gupta
Vishal Sareen’s (Mintu) story: I was always clear about two things in life. One, I wanted to create a life for myself in Australia. Two, I wanted to start and manage a business of my own. When I expressed my desires to Devi Maa, she smiled and said that both my dreams would come true in time. She also assured me that it would all happen without much effort on my part. It was a test of my faith in Devi Maa. She always emphasizes the power of saburi or patience and deep faith or shraddha.  
I knew that Devi Maa’s words would not go in vain. However, I was young and impatient and wanted things to move fast. Devi Maa merely smiled at my impatience and advised that I wait. Things would move in a favourable direction, she assured me. 
I completed my post-graduation in computer science. My elder brother was already a computer hardware and networking engineer. Together, we started a small computer training institute in Punjab. Life was moving on just fine but I kept wondering when Devi Maa’s words would come true. I was steadily deepening my knowledge of computer parts and peripherals. Choti Maa, Devi Maa closest sevadar and my elder sister, called to tell me that Devi Maa wanted me to enroll for certificate courses in LINUX, MCSE and CCNA. I told my sister that I did not see the point. I was already a post-graduate. However, this was coming from Devi Maa. So, there was no way I was going to ignore it.
In 2007, my family arranged my marriage. My bride was Indian but her family had settled in Australia. We got married and getting a citizenship was not a problem at all. 
I managed to find a job shortly after I landed in Australia thanks to the certificate courses that Devi Maa had asked me complete. After working for some time, I decided to branch out on my own. My brother joined me and together we started our business RM Electronics. My brother and I live together in the same house. People wonder how we manage to do in this age of nuclear families. I can say with conviction that it is our devotion to Devi Maa that has made it all possible. I have found a soul mate, founded a successful business and created a life for myself in Australia thanks to Shri Radhe Maa’s grace. 
Whenever there is a chowki in India, the audio visual is streamed live across the world on the Internet. On such days, our entire family watches the chowki online. We also ensure that every new purchase in our house is offered to Devi Maa before it is put to our use. Even the children in the house know how it is done. We are blessed to have such a loving mother. Jai Mata Di. 
– As spoken to Satish Purohit
For more details about Shri Radhe Maa –

Vishal Sareen lives in Sydney, Australia, where he runs a computer peripherals and software business with his brother. He along with two other devotees hold chowkies regularly to glorify Maa Jagdambe in their homes. Email him on to know more.  

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